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Brew Day Worksheet
A resource to help you prepare for and guide you through your brew day. Best if you print it double sided.

Single Stage Brewing 101
Our how-to guide to single stage or partial boil brewing.  This method works great with our extract kits.

Barrel Prep Instructions
This document takes you through how to prep your new American Oak Barrel as well as how to store it between uses. 

Kegging Information
From our latest in-house kegging demonstration.

All-Grain Brewing
Information from our latest advanced brewing demonstration.

Oak Barrel extract beer recipes:
Nut Brown Ale
British Porter
Blonde Ale
Black Death Stout
American Pale Ale
American Amber Ale
West Coast Pale Ale

All of these extract recipes are available as pre-made kits.  To purchase, CLICK HERE.

Other recipes:
Mini-Mead Recipe (Low ABV Sparking Honey Wine)

Sweet Mead Recipe

Making Fruit Wine
Our how-to guide for fruit wine.  This method works well with plums, berries, as well as grapes.

Making Wine Vinegar
Our how-to guide for making vinegar from wine.

Our how-to guide for making Kombucha.

Water Kefir
Our how-to guide for making Water Kefir.

Growing Hops
Our How-to guide for planting hop rhizomes and growing your own hops to brew with.

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